Executive Consulting

You want beneficial strategic decisions through independent management support with vast amount of industry knowledge?

Deriving and implementing strategic decisions is a challenge due to the high complexity of business processes and the increasing amount of collaboration with external process partners. For a successful implementation the needs of all stakeholders, the impact on your own organisational structure as well as the needed operational implementation planning and communication, have to be taken into consideration.


Executive Consulting

From advice on individual topics to the joint creation of holistic approaches for an operational implementation – we accompany you in every situation.
Our service includes:


Organisational &
Change management

Strategy consulting

Analysis & Strategy

Interim Management

Management & Validation


Planning- & control processes

Organisations- & 

In a wide variety of aviation companies, our team has successfully finished restructuring and reorganisation projects and provided the necessary change management. From implementing a new resource planning and control systems to the negotiation of work agreements or the optimisation of company organisations, our team have had entrepreneurial responsibility themselves and can support you with their experience.

Strategy consulting

Whether market analyses based on benchmark data, process analyses to support strategic decision-making or the evaluation of the potential of advancing digitalisation for your company – together we develop strategies for successfully aligning and adapting your company to a constantly changing business environment.

Interim Management

We offer you a team as well as individual managers or station managers with many years of professional experience in the airport business. We would be glad to take on temporary management tasks for you, both to secure ongoing operations and to support special projects.


With our OC + process we analyse your planning and control processes together with you using benchmark data and best practice solutions. The aim is not only to point out efficiencies but above all to develop and successfully implement necessary measures within your organisation.
We offer you this service not only as a one-off analysis but also as a continuous improvement process (CIP) or as coaching for your managers in order to anchor the know-how regarding optimised planning in your company in the long term.


Your Consultant

Would you like to learn more about optimization and digitization of personnel planning? Our experts are there for you and will be happy to advise you.

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Robert Schmidt


Robert Schmidt


Robert has been a lawyer for 20 years in the field of optimisation, reorganisation and restructuring as well as in the interim management of companies. He started his passion for aviation as a managing director of a Berlin ground handling company in 2014. Being the managing partner and executive consultant, Robert focuses primarily on organizational and strategy consulting.

Robert ist als Volljurist seit 20 Jahren im Bereich der Optimierung, Sanierung und Restrukturierung sowie im Interim-Management von Unternehmen tätig. Seit 2014 hat der den Aviation-Sektor für sich entdeckt und war mehrere Jahre Geschäftsführer eines Berliner Ground Handling Unternehmens. Als Managing Partner und Executive Consultant konzentriert sich Robert auf die Schwerpunkte Organisations- und Strategieberatung.

Stefan Ludwig

Projekt Manager

Stefan can utilize a vast amount of knowledge in the fields of logistics and aviation, as he has been working in these fields since 2008. In the years prior to OpsConnect, he specialised on staff management, monitoring, and optimisation of processes. Due to this expertise, Stefan is a project manager at OpsConnect and driving force when implementing and optimising workforce management systems (WMF).

Stefan ist seit 2008 in den Bereichen Logistik und Luftfahrt auf Führungsebene tätig. Schwerpunkte hierbei lagen in der Personalführung, sowie der Überwachung und Optimierung  von Prozessen. Als Projekt Manager bei OpsConnect ist er Ansprechpartner für die Implementierung und Optimierung von Workforce Management Systemen (WMF).

Dirk Sykora

Projekt Manager

Dirk has more than 27 years of experience in the field of ground handling services, half of them in management positions. He focused on passenger handling and operations. As a project manager at OpsConnect, he is our specialist for resource planning scenarios and planning analysis.

Dirk hat mehr als 27 Jahre Erfahrung im Bereich der Bodenverkehrsdienstleistungen, davon mehr als die Hälfte in Führungspositionen. Schwerpunkte seiner Tätigkeit waren insbesondere im Bereich Passagierabfertigung und Operations. Als Projekt Manager bei OpsConnect liegt sein Focus in der Entwicklung von verschiedensten Planungsszenarien (Personalbedarfsplanung, Szenario- Analyse).

Phillip Martens

Junior Consultant

Phillip has been working in the tourism and aviation sectors since 2013. He gathered expertise in monitoring, supervising handling processes, as well as coordinating interactions between airlines and terminal management. As Junior Consultant at OpsConnect, he takes care of process optimisation projects for airport and ground handling services.

Phillip arbeitet seit 2013 in den Bereichen Tourismus und Aviation. Schwerpunkte seiner Tätigkeiten waren die Überwachung und Steuerung von Abfertigungsprozessen, sowie die Abstimmung mit Airlines und Terminal Management. In seiner Tätigkeit als Junior Consultant bei OpsConnect liegt sein Kerngebiet bei der Optimierung von Abläufen in Flughäfen und Bodenabfertigungsprozessen.